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 One Meter of Sky

in the grey body of a



gallbladder pain and 

an inflamed sack

with cholesterol stones full of

other people's expectations

though not lacking sparks 

of your own promises

a narrow space

before the waking of

the rest of the house

the one meter of sky

a bird needs

to endure

exactly enough of 

stale air

to rescue a bug

from the firewood

before flame

grabs it

making sure that

this meter continues to

be the endless wideness

even if you 

know better and even if

this wasn't another

empty promise

Natural psychotherapy

It seems to be impossible 

to listen to stillness

through the bird's gaslighting

and the bear's standing up

on its hind legs

it seems like narcissism

while the river 

elegantly streams around

its blocks

completely in the flow

a damn  know-it-all

and snakes shedding their egos

to first confuse the rodents

and eat them later on

and poplars shiver and swing

in the wind's bodywork

beeches engaging in forest bathing

in the light of the

incoming cosmic rays

and over there in the meadows

unnecessary to mention

blinding chromotherapy 

producing eye decay

while I am shot in the 

woodpecker's rhythm through

frequencies of ultimate 


into infinitude

a heron stares

into the near future

while freeing its sacral chakra

in impossible asanas

as if he mocked me

or gave me the diagnose

of some mental disorder

or impending death

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