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About me

How my story goes...


For about 40 years, I'm reading. Narrations, literature, reference books. I studied (German literature and education), worked in several professional fields, had 5 sons and saw them growing up and together with my husband I opened a literary hotel, a place where I had great conversations with important writers on their work, their inspirations and their reading experiences. And there is space for other arts as well: music, acting, painting and another which became increasingly important to me, the art of healing.

Doing all this work I discovered something exciting: There is a lot in this world that can be read. Not only books. One can read with the help of signatures. One can read the sky and other natural phenomenas, cards, the own story or notes in music. You just have to know how. You have to learn the signs just like letters, connect them to words and images, make the connection. And this connection is never arbitrary as all systems of reading are closed and cohesive. And each time they result in narrations.

That's important to understand, because we live in a world made of narration. And while discovering all that, I failed to finish the narration I was working on, my novel. I was completely blocked. Until the moment when I understood that my own narration of life, of who I was, prevented me to finish it. That the way how one tells the own being in the world decides if you will be able to reach your aims or not. Different narrations lead to war or peace, to suffering or happiness. It's always a question of perspective. Every problem, every challenge depends on a certain narration. What is the story we are telling ourselves and is it a valid one? Are there ruptures or fractions?

The service I am offering is the exact same thing a good book would do to you. I can have a conversation with you, ask questions that will improve your own self-reflection and healing process. What am I bringing to the table? Over 4000 books I read and exactly as many perspectives. My study of homeopathy, Paracelsus' teachings of signatures, the great work of C.G. Jung who  still inspires me the most, but in the first place it was poetry that showed me how to include different layers of perception, imaginative and real worlds to check out the validity of a story, how to change it, heal oneself and find peace.

I would be very happy to work with you!


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