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Meaning: Sign, name, inscription
A signature is some kind of symbol in the first place, a sign. Something to get an analogy. Our whole life is full of signs. You just have to read them. The way, for instance, someone is answering questions reveals a lot of hints to the underlying problem. You just have to open your eyes to it. That's where I can help. In case you would like to know more about the definition of signatures, just continue reading... 
It was the renaissance healer  Paracelsus who first found the connection between certain characteristics of a plant ad its healing power. According to him it was possible to understand which symptoms of human illness a plant could possibly heal by taking in account certain criterions for its medical usage. He called these criterions "signatures": indicators such as: habitat, environment/ surroundings, color,  appearance, form, rhythm, age. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of the teachings of homeopathy, expanded this idea by adding "principle of similarity" and by practically and theoretically proving it in his lifelong studies ("similia similibus curentur") and thereby building a solid  integral healing method. Signatures, though, are also to be found in other areas of life and work: librarianship, administration, digital signatures and cartography. In all these cases the point is to find symbolic, metaphorical or short-form presentation of an abstract or physical circumstance. The usage of signatures requires the building of connections between two phenomena. 

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